Black Diamond – Simpsonville, KY
$1,000,000+ Zija Money Earner
2016 Financial & Time Freedom Crystal Award Winner

Zija Diamond Club Member
2012 Zija Rising Star Award
2012 ZIP (Zija Incentive Points) Leader in Zija International
Only Zija International distributor to rank advance from Emerald to Triple Diamond in 2012
Team Elite ELC Member
Elite Network ELC Member
Team Victory Founder

Reaching the rank of Black Diamond has been an incredible ride and I have thoroughly enjoyed building my business over the past six years with Zija.  I have an incredible team and I have been able to meet some tremendous people along the way.  I’m more excited today than ever about what the future holds for all of us who are involved with Zija and I look forward to sharing this opportunity each and every day.

I am a former high school teacher/coach/administrator in Louisville, KY and I have always been very busy.  I worked this business part time for 5 ½ years and was able to build a 7-figure part time income, which enabled me to resign from my position this past summer thanks to the opportunity Zija has given our family and be able to enjoy both financial and time freedom.  I live in Simpsonville, KY with my wife Tina and three kids, Brooke (11), Brady (10) and Breanna (5).

My sponsor is Double Black Diamond Dee Hutchins and he introduced me to Zija back when he started in 2009. Dee actually brought Zija to Kentucky and #1 U.S. Earner Chris Estes joined, but Dee didn’t.  Dee then signed up under Chris as a customer and later decided to work the business.  He contacted me a few times, but I wasn’t interested because he wasn’t making anything and I told him my GNC products were just fine.  About a year later, he was earning a substantial income and I had to find out more.  After doing my research, I met with Dee and Chris, loved what I heard and I got started on November 23, 2010.

It hasn’t been easy and it still isn’t easy, but it sure has been worth it.  I’ve had many ups and downs, many people quit, many disappointments along the way and adversity just like everyone else.  However, I decided to not let the excuses outweigh my reasons for making this business work.  I just decided to take my current everyday schedule and talk to people as I would come into contact with them in addition to reaching out to my other family and friends.  From day one, I decided I wanted to make this work in a big way and in order to do that, I had to treat it like a business, which is crucial to success in any type of business.

My goal each day is to make my business a better one today than it was yesterday and I’ve done something every day related to this business to keep growing and building no matter how busy I was.  It’s like compound interest because if you keep compounding your efforts over and over and over again, you will eventually see some nice returns.

I am very fortunate to have a couple of personally sponsored big time winners in my organization with Triple Diamond Will Weaver and Diamonds Brandon & Monica Cooper.  It sure does take teamwork to make the dream work.  I would also like to thank Ken Brailsford for his vision, commitment and leadership in this company as well as the management team of Ryan Palmer, Jarom Dastrup and Dr. Josh Plant for their tireless work and commitment to make Zija the best!

What makes this company work so well is its products.  Our goal in our organization is to lead with the product and get people to try it and do their own research.  We feel everyone should be on the product and we share testimonies and results with those around us and after people take the product, we feel they will want to stay on it.  That in turn will lead to distributors that will stick and stay in this business which builds the residual income.

We are at the right place at the right time and it’s up to us to do something about it if we want to change our financial situation.  Our team tries to work daily and consistently to grow our business and share the Zija story with those we come into contact with and help them make a difference in their lives.  It’s awesome to be associated with positive, goal-oriented people who have a vision and that want more.  I would like to thank Dee and Chris again for their incredible support, encouragement, training and motivation and Chris for creating the simple system that we were able to use.  The future is bright and my hopes are up!

See you at the top!




Triple Diamond Executive – Madisonville, KY
Team Benz
$500,000 Zija Money Earner
Zija Diamond Club Member
2013 Zija International Recruiter of the Year

I am a coach at heart and feel like my ministry has been helping kids at the high school level learn how to be successful in life by teaching them the importance of having strong character traits and discipline. I truly believe that life is 20% of our circumstances and 80% of what we decide to do about them! Leading people successfully includes leading by example and helping others see themselves better than what they are.

I coached football for 16 years an became very imbalanced, little did I know that would bring me to the lowest part of my life when I ended up divorced and in a very hopeless state. This point of my life brings me a story..

It was 4 years ago, but I remember it like it was yesterday…I woke up at 2 am in the morning  with disgust and decided to set my goals for the rest of my life – Goal #1… Secure my daughters future / coaching and teaching became secondary at that point.

With that being said, I started to pray… I needed the right thing to come along, and long story short, it did.  I was blessed with a life changing opportunity that has helped me become more balanced through self development and taught me the power of networking with other successful – positive – driven individuals.

I have gained skills over the last two years that will guide my future successes in whatever road I continue on. It is critical to place yourself around people that bring out the best in you and help your growth mentally, spiritually, and business wise.   I was the Recruiter of the Year for Zija in 2013 because I went out and took massive action by duplicating the fundamentals on a daily basis.

I truly believe GOD will continue blessing my journey because of my plans to Invest into His Kingdom – Life is about having passion for whatever you decide to be a part of and working as hard as you can to reach your potential in all areas.


  • I went from reading 3 books my whole life to over 50 in last 4 years
  • I started my business by scraping together change to enroll, and my whole vision changed when I got a $30 check. I knew it worked, just had to talk to more people and get a bigger check
  • I was the 2013 Company Recruiter of the year for Zija
  • I wake up everyday hungrier than the last day
  • Put over 30 kids on football scholarship as a coach


Cooper Family

Diamond Executives – Louisville, KY

I’m Brandon and I am a former Minor League umpire and current NCAA baseball umpire.

When I was in the Minor Leagues I traveled all over the country for 10 months out of the year. Monica and I got married when I was in Double-A

A year later, after my first season in Triple-A we found out we were expecting our first child…That’s when our lives changed and it’s never been the same.

Around that time, I decided that I didn’t want to be an absent husband and father and miss my entire life while traveling the country working baseball games.

Monica and I now have three sons, Isaac (9), Ian (6), and Elijah (4). In September 2009, Isaac was diagnosed with autism. It was a shock, to say the least, but for the most part we faced the challenge the best way we knew how. We plugged into services here in Kentucky and sought out the extra help that he was going to need.

In July 2011, the week we brought Elijah home from the hospital, Ian received the same diagnosis. We were hit in the face with another autism diagnosis. This time, the news shook us to the core! God had a much different and bigger plan for our family than we could have imagined.

At the time we thought the circumstances were the worst imaginable, but looking back, they’ve been our biggest blessings. With the extra financial burdens of schooling and therapies for Isaac and Ian, we were in a situation where I was looking for extra ways to earn income.

That’s when I took a second look at an opportunity. It’s funny how most successful entrepreneurs in the industry take that “second look”!

Zija, international was the biggest gift our family has ever received. Zija’s motto is a Life Unlimited. When life’s circumstances limited us, we found a better way. Zija’s foundation is built on Personal Development, Nutrition, Active Lifestyle, and Financial Freedom. All four are a perfect fit for our family. Why not work like others won’t so later on you’ll have what others don’t? The way we look at life, our children have to do the EXTRA to make it through their days, who are we not to do the EXTRA for them during our days.

The difference between ORDINARY and EXTRAORDINARY is just a little EXTRA. We are living our Life Unlimited every day! And the more we work together as a family toward our goals, the better Life Unlimited gets!


Platinum Executive – Indianapolis, IN

My name is Scott Taylor from Indianapolis, IN.  My wife Brenda and I were introduced to the products by Brandon and Monica Cooper back in January of 2014. Ever since we began our journey with the Moringa Tree, our lives have changed.

We had both gotten to a point in our lives where we were “sick and tired of being sick and tired.” We had tried on many different occasions to lose weight with no success. Oh, we would lose weight. It just kept coming back—plus more.

I started at 290 pounds. Brenda began at 247. Needless to say, we BOTH needed the help.

13 months later, I tipped the scales at 198 pounds—92 pounds lost. Brenda weighed in at 187—60 pounds gone.  More importantly, Zija has enabled us to live a more active lifestyle as we both are in the gym 4-5 days a week, and we have been able to keep the weight off.

Our Zija regiment daily consists of 2 meal replacements using Core Moringa Plant Protein shakes, XM+, XMburn and once or twice a week…Premium Tea. 

Funny thing is, after about 3 months, for us it became more about how we felt than it was the number on the scale. Don’t get me wrong, we love the weight loss part—I haven’t weighed under 200 pounds since I was 15 years old…43 years ago. But other factors started to weigh in.

First of all, as a college baseball umpire, in 2013 I had to ice my knees both BEFORE and AFTER games just to be able to do something I loved to do. In 2014, not only did I not have to ice my knees, I haven’t had any pain meds since taking Zija products. My acid reflux—that’s gone too.

For Brenda it was even more dramatic. She had just come off a colon reconstruction surgery in early December of 2013. She had a colostomy bag for 13 weeks after. After her first surgery, she was not able to return to work for almost 6 weeks, and her incision refused to heal properly. In mid-March of 2014—after just two months on the Zija products—she had her colon reconnected and also had a hysterectomy. She was back to work in 8 days. Her new incision healed properly..and she was on her way to a much healthier lifestyle.

The thing we love about Zija is being able to help people do exactly what we have been able to accomplish. Lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. We are most proud of the fact that in just over four years we have been able to help people in our group lose a total of just over 11,000 pounds. It still blows us away every time we think about it.

As for the business? From joining the company as a customer and saying to Brandon, and I quote, “We are NOT doing this business.” To reaching the leadership rank of Platinum, qualifying for a FREE Mercedes Benz and being appointed to the Team Victory Executive Leadership Council…all i just under three years. 

So does Zija really work? Oh yeah. In big ways.  If we can do this, so can YOU!


Inner Circle




Gold Executive – Nashville TN
My name is Becky Davidson from Nashville TN! I have been building my Zija business since December 2016!

My background is a 30 plus year career in sales, sales management and marketing. I also have been in 7 different Network Marketing companies over the last 17 years. Two of which I did full time and built substantial teams, earning me the use of 5 cars. I believe once Network Marketing gets in your blood… it will always be there!

I met my sponsor Triple Diamond, Will Weaver when he opened a weight loss business in Hendersonville TN and became a client of mine.
Of course, Zija was quickly introduced but I had no interest at the time, having several reasons and excuses!

No time, no interest, got a great job, love what I do, plus was doing another health and wellness company product…

Will Weaver followed up persistently for 10 months before I finally sat down and looked at Zija!  That same day I joined! I still wasn’t 100% sure of what I wanted to do with this, but I love challenges and decided to give it a good solid test to see how receptive people were to this product and company.  I was amazed out how interested people were in “The Healthiest Plant in the World”!

My first week I set 6 appts to sit down with friends with Will and we signed up 5 of the 6! It was game on from that point on!

My Husband Randy and I earned the March 2017 Bronze Success Trip to Salt Lake City UT, with 21 other winners! The was a pivotal point… meeting the corporate leadership team and truly understanding their mission and philosophy really built my belief and passion!!

My real passion is helping others!
Helping others feel better!
Helping others find solutions!
Helping others reach goals and create financial back up plans and options!
Helping others WIN!

There really isn’t anything better than making money by helping others!

Look forward to the future with Zija and serving, supporting, and celebrating each and every one on the team!



Platinum Executive – Hicksville, OH


My life was forever changed on a beautiful day on Saturday May 13, 2006, the next day being Mother’s Day. I was on vacation in Siesta Key, FL and received a call from my sister that my Dad had a heart attack and I needed to come home. My Dad was gone. He had a massive coronary from a drug interaction between a pain med for shingles and a new diabetic med. At the time, I had just opened my first business, a ladies fitness center and was raising 4 children as a single mom. It became my mission to change the health of as many people I could… didn’t have a clue HOW but it became a goal and I started praying for the ability for God to use me in that capacity. Little did I know, that prayer was about to set into motion a specifically intentioned process of events. In 2007, I became more involved with nutritional counseling and added that to my existing business and the process of becoming the woman God called me to be began.  I got involved with Zija in early 2011 and immediately fell in love with the product after witnessing countless testimonials in the incredible benefits for myself and my family. I became absolutely convinced that had I known about Zija in 2006, I would still have my Dad. I went on a mission to put it into as my bodies as would let me pour it into! I became very good at recruiting users but failed to apply it to help others achieve financial freedom. I had a network of users and I became content there.Adversity in the midst of abundance…. interesting, huh?  In 2012, I became heavily involved in corporate wellness and Zija took a backseat to an opportunity that had a crossroads affect on my life. My priority, my FIRST priority as a single mom, was and IS my family. But this opportunity took everything I had and sucked the joy from my life. Very lucrative .. so lucrative I couldn’t say no. My business more than quadrupled in less than a year and there was no end in sight. Success, right? I….. resented it.  My intention to arrest and reverse health issues that had taken the most important MAN in my life, was never intended to replace the desire to prioritize my family but that’s what happened. But God had a plan. He needed to take me through adversity to EXPAND and DEFINE my purpose. Long story short, NEW CEO in the 14 billion dollar company where I had become the 4th top provider for 56,000 employees in a network of 4200 providers… dismantled the entire wellness network the prior CEO spent years and millions of dollars developing. Adversity….. when your business grows to accommodate the needs of a 14 billion dollar company and with swipe of a pen… is GONE. And… it was the worst thing I’ve ever experienced in business.  People depended on me. Clients.. for their health. Employees… for their incomes. My family… for provision and leadership. But… it was also the best thing that happened to me. Suddenly, I had time. Suddenly, not only did I have compassion for individuals health but also their finances.  Funny how God works, huh?


Life can throw unexpected curveballs regardless how much money we are making and we need a plan B.  Interestingly enough, during this ENTIRE time John Morris and Will Weaver never stopped calling, never stopped texting and never stopped attempting to plug me into the network of support … and all I wanted to do was drink it!  My passion for the product had dimmed under the extreme stress I was under. I still loved it, believed in it, drank it every day and made sure my family did. Out of the blue, just a few months ago, John called and said, “Beth, I’d like to put you back in. There’s this promotion, double FSC for blah blah. That’s usually what I heard when he talked.. blah blah, Zija blah blah. But… my children and grandchildren are Zija addicts and they steal everything I got… clothes, sanity, Zija…so I had started having a difficult time keeping up with demand. So, I said, “Sure, whatever. But I’m never working this as a business”   Whatever Double FSC means… don’t care.  Fast forward, I was maid of honor in my childhood best friend’s wedding on the outer banks of NC, with 5 other couples and chose to take a man I had only known for 2 weeks… I know I’m a badass.  Like I always do when I go on vacation, I took enough for everyone.  I never lost my desire to put Zija into EVERY BODY that would drink my swamp water.  And little did I know, God was refining my purpose.  After having a little fun at the expense of the “new guy” with a relaxing cup ‘o tea before his beddie by time, everyone was addicted to the endless benefits of Zija by the end of the week and Todd was less bloated and everyone had dropped a few lbs!  And… wiped out my supply as they left. I signed the majority of the wedding party, and we will get the others as well, muuahhhh.  My passion was ignited by the excitement of THEIR excitement and this time, I also was passionate about everything the Zija opportunity provides us.


My life has been forever blessed by the new friendships I developed in that house.  I started to realize, God had taken me through adversity (losing my Dad), abundance(the explosive growth of my business), adversity (time spent away from my family) , knowledge (I had become very good at corp wellness) and circumstance (putting me into a captive situation with likeminded people who would reignite my passion for the product I was still convinced would have prevented the loss of the most important man in my life. He had taken me full circle and plopped me smack in the middle of opportunity. See.. God doesn’t take us backwards. He propels us FORWARD! Do you see how he loves us? Do you see how GOOD he is? He wants us to live ABUNDANTLY! In ALL areas! It’s not just about a healthy lifestyle, not just about accumulating wealth. It’s about our joy! Health, family, friends, service to others, time, and the income that allows us to enjoy our lives! The crossroads put me on a path of restoring what was taken, defining what was important, and becoming ALL God called me to be!! In just 4 short weeks, he has revealed a plan that has moved at warp speed and has capability of affecting countless numbers of people in areas of health AND finances. He’s not finished with me yet… and I look forward to what he has in store.  He has a plan and I’m just walking in it. I don’t have a complete picture of all he has planned but I obey without fear all he calls me to. And I know this for certain… HIS will, HIS plan —


Gold Executive – Lynn, IN
My name is Brad Fisher and I am from little ole’ Lynn in East Central Indiana. My wife, Jeanette, and I are so excited to be a part of Team Victory and the opportunity that Zija has to offer for our family. I am the Chief of Police with the Lynn Police Department and have been and Officer here for almost 20 years. Jeanette is a stay at home mom, running an in home daycare and we have two children, Zoe and Colton. They both keep us very busy with their sports and academics. The Zija products have been life changing for our family as I have lost 80 pounds and have been able to eliminate all over-the-counter and prescription medications after 35 years of fighting the inflammation from Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. Jeanette has lost 30 pounds but also had her lifelong battle of seasonal and cat allergies taken away. The power of Moringa has changed our lives and now both of our kids and even our 13 year old Black Lab “Katie” takes moringa everyday. After being so skeptical at the start of the journey, we could not be happier with where we are headed. With the support and leadership of Team Victory and the amazing products that Zija International has to offer we are building a business that we know is here to stay and change the course of our lives in the near future. The friendships that we have made through Zija and Team Victory has been phenomenal and we are blessed to have so many friends that are our teammates . We love hearing all the success stories from teammates and love the fact that God is justusing us as a vehicle to change lives everyday through the power of Moringa Oleifera “The Miracle Tree”. Anything that we can do for you or your team we are just a phone call away. 


Gold Executive – Crestwood, KY
I grew up in Tempe, Arizona and loved every minute of it, especially being able to play sports year round with the amazing weather.  I was and always have been a competitor in everything I do.  I always strive to be the best at whatever it is I’m doing whether my team is competing against another team or I am competing with myself.  I have always had a drive to win.  In high school I captained the baseball and football teams at my high school.  I was blessed to receive a scholarship to play baseball at the University of Louisville.

During my time at U of L, Health and Human Performance was my major, and Health and Nutrition was my minor.  When my playing days came to an end after my senior year, I decided to stay at U of L an extra year and get my Master of the Arts in Teaching degree with a concentration in Physical Education.  I have always been an active person and I couldn’t think of a better profession to give young people the tools they need in order to live a healthy and active lifestyle.

I met my beautiful wife Emily in classes we shared at U of L.  We got married in the summer of 2003, and were off to start our lifelong journey together.  In 2007, we had our first daughter Lola, and in August of 2012 we found out that we were expecting our second daughter Mila.

I was first approached by John Morris about Zija in 2010.  I was the head varsity baseball coach at Oldham County High School just outside of Louisville, and John was the head varsity baseball coach of a top 5 program in the state of Kentucky.  John was very well respected among all of the high school baseball coaches in the entire state and was always talked about as a man of integrity.  After 3 straight years of taking a beating by John’s teams, I really felt like we had a great shot at beating him in 2010.  When we had our meeting at home plate before the game with the umpires, John asked me if I had ever heard about Zija, and I said no.  He said it’s something that I’d be good at and asked me if he could send me some information about it, and I said “John, we’re getting ready to play a baseball game here!  I don’t have time for that right now.”  John’s team beat us that day in a close game.  The next morning when I arrived at school, I had an email from John with Zija in the subject line.  I was still bitter about losing, so I just deleted the email.  He called me after a week and asked if I looked at the information, and I told him no, and he sent it to me again.  I deleted it again.

Now I was at the point where I felt like going into the witness protection program with John.  Anytime he called me, I always wondered if he was calling me about baseball or about that Zija thing, so I never answered when I saw him call.  He would leave me a voicemail and send me emails every month about Zija.  This went on for 2 years. The times I did talk with him, I told him that I was too busy for something else to be put on my plate.  At this time I was a full-time high school teacher, taught summer school, was a high school head varsity baseball coach, work summers for the Louisville Bats Triple-A baseball team, and have a wife and daughter that I loved to spend time with.

Fast-forward to August of 2012.  Emily and I found out we were going to have our second daughter in May of 2013.  Having a teacher’s salary, I knew some extra money was going to have to come from somewhere.  I loved what I did, but I didn’t love the check.  So my wife and I prayed for an opportunity.  I saw John with his kids at a Louisville Bats game, and He was wearing a Zija t-shirt.  I thought to myself, “Oh great.  Here he comes.”  He asked again if he could send me some information and in my email inbox the next day was some information about Zija.  This time I decided to open it and take a look since John was so confident that this is something I could do and be successful with.  I immediately saw value in the products.  Having studied health and nutrition in great detail in college, I was intrigued about this plant called Moringa Oliefera.  I did some research on this plant and found out that this is something that could really help people, but I had lots of questions.  I also researched network marketing, and was also intrigued, but I had lots of questions.  John got all of my questions answered, and I was confident that with his help, this was something I could do as a solution to our financial need with Mila on the way in May, so I decided to get started.

I was on the phone with John just about every day for my first 3 months, and to be honest, now I thought he was going to go into the witness protection program to avoid having to answer more questions that I had.  I had zero network marketing or business experience prior to Zija. John has NEVER failed to help me when I need him.  I have been involved for over 4 years now, and have had some pretty good success with this business.  I am thankful everyday that John didn’t give up on me.

In 4 years with Zija, I have observed the many teams working together inside of this great company.  But I truly believe that when it comes to leadership and teamwork, there’s not another team inside of all of Zija that comes close to what we have in Team Victory!  We have something special here and I am super excited that we are just scratching the surface!

Time to get excited Team Victory!  There’s a reason why we are all here.  Now let’s go tell the world!



Platinum Executive – Louisville, KY

My name is Christina Green and my husband Sean and I began our Zija journey nearly 2 years ago. We have two children- Olivia age 10, and Owen age 7. 

Brandon Cooper began peaking our interest shortly after Sean’s MLB retirement in 2013. Sean had a 12 year pro baseball career as a pitcher and had reconnected with Brandon as he was an MILB umpire during his career. 

We were for sure part of the “witness protection” program at the time & the timing just was not right. BUT! …..Brandon was persistent and kept peaking and passing the information.  It wasn’t until I brought chili over one evening following Monica’s accident that I really did have an open mind to trying the product. Monica’s amazing recovery was undeniable and I was intrigued.

So after nearly a year and half – we looked at the information!  I sampled XM+ and called Brandon to order 2 days later. Sean began Supermix and was able to lower his cholesterol, blood pressure, lose weight, had zero joint pain & within 90 days and we simply felt amazing. Our son Owen, who is on the autism spectrum, has digestive tract issues along with an autoimmune disorder. He has NOT been sick in over a year and his digestive issues have all been corrected.

We quickly became passionate about these products, and I quickly began sharing!   Monica hosted my first home event shortly after we began seeing results – and that is when my business began! I loved witnessing family and friends seeing drastic results because of our products. I loved even more being a part of a company I knew stood on integrity and was supported by an amazing team.  I shared with friends that would become business partners, and thru those business partners our team began to grow.

Here we are 2 years later, building a business, partnering with teammates, and helping change lives one at a time. I am beyond grateful for Team Victory, our leaders, my sponsors Brandon and Monica Cooper, and my AMAZING team!

The support and encouragement within our team is why we are able to climb and keep growing!  My husband recently resigned from insurance sales & has decided he is way more passionate about sharing the natural health revolution than ever before. 

We are just getting started and more excited than ever to share the natural health revolution!


Gold Executives – Paducah, KY

The Hedges are a fun, loving, family of four. Well six including the hound dog, Maggie and Bernice, the St. Bernard. We are High School sweethearts from Murray, KY, married in 2008 and now have two beautiful children and live in Paducah, KY. Wyatt is 3 years old, and Carlee Jane is one. They are the center of our lives.

Sara Jane and I both work in education. We both love working with kids, the community, and are Gold executives within Zija International; building our business for the past five years. We have never been so thankful for an opportunity- this company has rerouted our professional goals. It also re fueled our passion for health and gave us a vehicle to share it and help others.

God, Family, Health, positivity, and determination are the foundation of the Hedges, family of four.

Your team member’s digits-

Jon- 270-293-4378

Sara Jane- 270-293-6553


Emerald Executive – Harrisonburg, VA

We live in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. I taught middle school health and physical Education for 21 years and coached high school basketball for 11 years. I also worked for four years as the Operations Manager for a local Exxon distributorship that operated 10 convenience stores. I enjoyed both of my full time jobs and the challenges and satisfaction that they brought me daily. My beautiful wife, Dana, teaches middle school (Social Studies/US History). We have two amazing children; Matthew (16) and Katie (14). They are truly a blessing and are the reason that I do everything that I do!

I received my undergraduate degree from James Madison University in 1991 and then my masters in leadership and administration in 2002 from Shenandoah University. Dana also graduated from James Madison University. She received her undergraduate degree in Education in 1992 and her masters in middle school education in 1995. She is definitely the smart one!

Over the past 20 years, I have owned and operated businesses that have challenged us and kept me and the family very busy. Currently, I continue to manage the real estate that we have accumulated over the past 24 years. This has been a hobby and passion of mine over the years. I still enjoy it very much.  I continue to invest in and enjoy real estate as we share and build our Zija business.  This is something that I love about this opportunity.  The fact that one can build a great Zija business and an honest residual income and future while doing other things truly makes this a wonderful opportunity. This is what Life Unlimited means to us- Being able to do what we want to do and when we want to do it is special.

However, I must say that I have never experienced an opportunity quite like what Zija offers. I often think about the amount of money that I would have to invest (and borrow) to purchase a property that would give me the same income as what we are experiencing in Zija even now. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for us and our TEAM in Zija.

My wife, a former fitness instructor, is a big fitness and health advocate. While we were both very skeptical of Zija in the beginning, we are totally sold on the product and now see why this business works so very well. Our local testimonies alone are enough to allow us to see how we can change lives with Zija. With products like these, anyone that wants to commit and work towards their own individual and team goals and dreams can make it happen!

Our entire family is all in and we see the benefits of Zija every day. We honestly feel that God put Zija into our lives for a reason. We are so blessed that John Morris, a long time friend of mine, stayed persistent and did not give up on me. I see this business as a means to help so many people with some of the most difficult issues in their lives (health and finances).  Our business philosophy has developed over time and is simply that if you share the products (which absolutely change lives every day) and the Zija message and opportunity, your business will grow.  With our amazing team’s assistance and desire to reach their own personal goals and dreams, it is happening. Thank you John Morris, Will Weaver, and Dee Hutchins for your relentless effort during this ride. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for us and our amazing team that is forming.


Gold Executive – Franklin, TN

 I live right outside of Nashville in charming Franklin, Tennessee. I’m a grandmother, with 2 grandsons who are the light of my life. I’ve been a Licensed Clinical Social Worker specializing in individual and family psychotherapy with children and adolescents for over 25 years. I’m also actively involved with my church’s Youth group.

In the summer of 2013, I was at a low point in my life. I’ve struggled with my weight since childhood and have been on every diet you can name. I’d lose weight but I’d always gain it back. That’s a vicious cycle that takes it’s toll physically and mentally. I was miserable and knew something had to change. But I was beginning to lose all hope.

That July,I was introduced to Zija and decided to take a chance. Within a couple days I felt different, I had energy,and the brain fog begin to lift!

Then I noticed that I was sleeping better than ever and just felt better overall.

After an 8 day trial pack, I was hooked! I actually felt HOPE!! I just knew I was on the right course! So, I decided to get the Weight Management System since my primary goal was to lose weight.

By December 2013, I was down 41 lbs!! But there’s more… . I no longer need to take daily allergy medicine and no more migraines keeping me in bed all day!

I’ve lost 61 lbs total and have kept it off which is HUGE for me!

After my own amazing personal experience with Zija, I wanted to share this with others. Now I have family members and friends using Zija products and loving it!

In 2015, Zija launched Améo, a line of clinical grade Essential Oils!! This former oil skeptic quickly became a believer. I had no idea that these oils could do so much! The number of scientific studies proving the effectiveness of oils for so many health issues blew me away!! I’ve fallen in love with these oils and have exchanged so many chemically laden beauty products and household products with all natural alternatives using our oils!!

It all started with weight loss but it ended up being about so much more! With the focus on personal growth, the vision of the company, the people I met including the incredible leaders and my teammates in Team Victory, along with the products … I have been able to create a life I love! I’ve always been passionate about helping others and believed in the mind, body,and spirit connection. Zija ended up being the missing piece… now I have a way to help others achieve optimal health in all 3 areas and live life to the fullest!

I’m on a mission to share the products and the business opportunity because I want others to be able to live a life they love on their own terms.

Dreams really can and do come true!! So DREAM BIG, BELIEVE IT, ACHIEVE IT then INSPIRE others to do the same!



Platinum Executive – Madisonville, KY

My name is Gary Scott. My wonderful wife, Donna , and I own and operate a beauty salon in Madisonville Kentucky. I have two awesome sons. My oldest is Brad who is married to Katie. They have given me a beautiful grand daughter named Lexi. My youngest son, Reid, is in his second year at Western Kentucky University. I am very proud of my children and all that they have accomplished in life. They have worked very hard.

I spent seventeen years in the coal mining industry and had to miss a lot of family events due to a demanding work schedule, over which I had no control. We ventured out into a whole new world of conventional business ownership. There are many pros and cons to owning your own business. I had more control as opposed to working for someone else, but at the same time I was still confined to a location. I was still subject to the ups and downs of the economy and there is very little time leveraging and no true residual income.

My Zija business began shortly after trying SuperMix and XM+. I quickly noticed more energy and a decrease in aches and pains due to inflammation. I realized after a couple of weeks that I had stopped taking my daily dose of ibuprofen. I was sold! I was committed to making it work. Eric Worre says, “Network marketing isn’t perfect, it is just better”. I truly believe that.

My friend and mentor Will Weaver told me early on, “Gary, if you are teachable, coachable, have good work ethic and don’t quit, you can be successful in this business.” Will told me the truth and this holds true for each and every one of us. I have realized some success and am learning, growing and consistently moving forward.

My goal is to take up the torch and relay this same simple message to as many who will listen and lead them on a journey to success.

I am extremely honored and blessed to be a part of this great team. A high point for me was to be appointed to the Team Victory Leadership Council.

I often tell people this is the most fun, most fulfilling thing that I have ever done that I actually get paid to do, not to mention the great friends and relationships that have developed over time.

I love Zija International and I am thankful for Ken Brailsford’s vision for the future!

I am thankful for the friendship and mentorship of Dee, John, and Will. I am also thankful for Mike Sims and Chris Estes for paving the way for all of us.

I have always had a heart for helping people, I just never had the means or the vehicle. Zija has provided that for me!

Jim Rohn says “Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better” Team Victory is an amazing group of individuals who motivate me to get better every day! As time goes on I am more and more excited about this journey!

Feel free to reach out, if I can ever be of any help!

By all means…..




Gold Executives – Murphysboro, IL

We are Jason and Bobbie Whitacre, currently living in Murphysboro, Illinois. We have a four year old son named Justus. Bobbie and I get the privilege as chiropractors to educate and coach people back to health. When we started our Zija journey, we saw that these products could give us an advantage with our family and patients.

Prior to getting started with Zija, we had been helping people in the arena of weight loss and nutrition for the last 12 years. We also had been in network marketing during this time with a different company. When Travis Loan reached out to us about these products, we really had little desire to do the business. What we were looking for was products that worked and a reputable company backing us. What we found after doing the research was Zija was on the cutting edge of nutritional discovery.

With this knowledge, our journey began almost 22 months ago. The motto Life Unlimited to me was very intriguing. We have been sold a dream before but it had not worked out. It was then that I came to realize, your past doesn’t dictate your future. Not all network marketing companies are created equal. Over the past 22 month I can truly say Zija International is an anomaly in this industry. We have been nothing but impressed how this company strives to constantly improve.

The dream for Life Unlimited was planted again by Will Weaver early February, 2014. Our next 9 months we started on our first leg on the Zija journey. Our first goal was to prove to our family and patients that these products were as good as the research says they are. We had overwhelming results which brought us into only promoting Zija products in November of 2014 in our office. This on the surface might not seem like a big deal, but our reputation as a doctor is on the line with every recommendation. This begins our second leg of the journey when I saw a short 3 minute video called 2plication. This new addition to the compensation plan gave me a vision of what I thought was a perfect business model. This new strategy inspired me to start building a team. In network marketing you can lead with the product or lead with the opportunity. Either way, if you do it consistently you can win. We had some success with this program and it served its purpose to get to our 3rd leg of this journey.

We realized our leaders of Team Victory already have this business figured out. They have proven success with a proven system. People ask me, “What is the short cut to not have to work 40 years to retire? “ I will tell you the system is the secret. We are in the process of taking the next 3 to 5 years to set up a financial future for our family that can be passed down for generations. Zija is our legacy company. 2016 for us will be the year of the system. This means we will do all we can to make this system a reality in our area.

These last few months we have been blessed by God. He has literally promoted us to new ranks. We thank God for our team and everyone on Team Victory. We look forward to building long lasting relationships with the leadership counsel and their teams. AS of December 11th, we are now Benz Qualified and we couldn’t be more excited!

I broke our journey into different parts because each leg of the journey we had a goal of what we wanted to achieve. My wife and I talk about our dreams and goals each week. We worked consistently to reach those goals and when we were blessed with a team, we worked with them to help them achieve their goals. Each goal was a stepping stone into the next achievement. We were blessed with great leadership and a great team!

Please don’t compare your journey to someone else. I encourage you to go out and win because someone needs to hear your story of overcoming in the midst of adversity. We absolutely love this team and look forward to stretching to that next rank of leadership and achievement!


Gold Executive – Douglasville, GA

My Zija journey began in the summer of 2012.  I was introduced to the company by Will Weaver, a former college teammate of mine. Will thought enough about me to reach out and share this opportunity with me.

At the time, I wasn’t buying into it.  I didn’t think I had the time or money.  I thought I had a “real” job.  However, over the course of the next 6 months, a lot changed in my life. I had my car re-possessed twice. I was one hour from having my house foreclosed on.  I was behind on every single bill.  My financial life was a wreck.

My personal life wasn’t much better.  I am a high school health teacher and a coach.  In other words, I spend my life raising and coaching other people’s kids.  I don’t see my own family near as much as I want to or need to.  I needed to find a way to enjoy my own family.  I wanted to be able to take them on vacations.  I wanted to be able to spend time with my family whenever I chose to.  I wanted and needed some freedom in my life.

Another part of my life that I was struggling with was my health.  My weight was out of control.  I was at 240 pounds.  I also had some cholesterol and thyroid issues.  So my thinking was that even if I can’t get the business working, I could at least try to lose some weight and get healthier.

That’s where my Zija story began.  After I joined, I immediately started taking the products.  That is important in this business.  If YOU don’t believe in the products, it’s hard to suggest to others that they should be taking the products or doing the business.

I started on the weight management system.  I gradually started feeling better.  I had more energy, noticed a little weight loss, and noticed I had less of an appetite.  It only took me about 3 weeks to completely realize that I was going to be a Zija consumer for life.  To this date, I am down to 172 pounds, that’s 68 pounds of weight loss.  I also have more energy and I am now able to exercise every day.  As a matter of fact, I look forward to getting out and being active every day.

Here’s what else Zija has done for me…  This opportunity has given me a chance to grow personally and professionally.  I have met so many outstanding people since this journey began. I have also been able to travel and see places I would have never had a chance to see without Zija.  I’ve attended the Zija Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah.  I’ve been to Las Vegas for network marketing training.  I’ve also attended events in Florida, Alabama, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Ohio.

Zija is providing me with leadership training and helping me develop the skills I did not get from my days in school or my years in corporate America.  In most corporate jobs, your employer doesn’t want you to be too successful.  That would mean they would have to pay you more.

Network marketing is the complete opposite.  All the leaders and top money makers I have met are doing whatever they can to help me succeed.  That means a lot to me.  My self-esteem has shot through the roof.  I now find myself wanting to help others succeed. I want each and every person I talk to be successful and achieve their goals and live their dreams.  The person I have become and continue to become is worth far more money than I can ever hope to make with this opportunity.

I’m excited about where the future is headed.  We have an amazing team in this amazing Company.  The products are amazing and the Compensation Plan is the best in the Network Marketing Profession.

Buckle Your Seat Belt……It’s Going to Be an AMAZING Ride!!!