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Zija Team Victory is a group of independent distributors within Zija International that markets some of the best nutritional products in the world and products that are made from Moringa Olifera, which is the most nutrient rich plant on Earth. We are dedicated to helping customers achieve superior health and nutrition and to helping distributors help reach their goals and dreams financially.


Team Victory Leadership Council

Elite Leadership Council

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Inner Circle

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One of the fastest growing teams in Zija International!!!

News and Information

Zija Team Victory Leadership Council

Elite Leadership Council

John Morris (502) 494-0287 : Simpsonville, KY
Will Weaver (270) 875-0122 : Madisonville, KY
Brandon (502) 475-1751 & Monica Cooper (502) 541-0623 : Louisville, KY
Scott Taylor (317) 507-6233 : Indianapolis, IN

Inner Circle

Jon & Sara Jane Hedges (270) 293-4378 – Paducah, KY
Scott Gerlach (502) 649-0661 – Crestwood, KY
Becky Davidson (615) 418-5110 – Nashville, TN
Brad Fisher (765) 967-2024 – Lynn, IN
Christina Green (502) 599-1163 – Louisville, KY
Eddie Mozingo (540) 246-4901 : Harrisonburg, VA
Cindy Peden (615) 210-3540 – Franklin, TN
Gary Scott (270) 836-4482 : Madisonville, KY
Jason (618) 203-9817 & Bobbie Whitacre (618) 203-0119 : Murphysboro, IL
Mike Yates (404) 775-5554 – Douglasville, GA
Beth Delagrange (260) 615-4417 – Hicksville, OH


Team Victory 90 Day Blitz (3 different challenges)
Challenge 2 (April 21-May 18

*We will be having 3 different contests during our 90-day blitz that will lead up to our next big event with Top Earner Chris Estes in Louisville, KY on June 23!

*Contest 2 (April 21 – May 18)) : Participants must be Fast Start certified, registered for Summit and OPT in on our Facebook post by 11:00 PM on Sunday, April 22.  A weekly leaderboard will be on our Facebook page.

NOTE:  You must earn 5 points in this contest if you participate in order to be able to participate in the next one.  I only want those who are serious about their business and taking action to be in our challenge!

New Enrollments
1000 PV or more – 10 points
500 PV or more – 8 points
250 PV or more – 6 points
75 PV or more – 4 points
Less than 75 PV – 2 points
*If new person gets Fast Start certified add 5 more points
*If new person registers for the Summit add 5 more points

Rank Advancements
-You rank advance – 10 points each time
-Personally sponsored rank advances – 10 points to a leadership rank Bronze or above and 5 points to Builder, Builder 500 and Builder 1000.

Events (Host and post)

-Sit down – Meet with someone to go over the business – 2 points
-Event with 5 or more people – 5 points
-Event with 20 or more people – 10 points
-Event with 40 or more people – 20 points
*You must host the event and post a picture of the event on our Facebook page.

-Participants must E-MAIL ME at after the conclusion of each cycle by 6:00 PM ET

Sunday night their weekly accumulated points with a breakdown.  Anything submitted after that time will not count. I always provide a confirmation.  Provide name, ID# and either initial PV on new enrollments or new rank plus if they get Fast Start certified or registered for the Summit.  For events, include date, location and number of people.  All decisions are mine and are final.

Top 5 finishers get the following:
1st place – $750 package ($200 in cash, $500 in free product, 5 Chris Estes books and 5 T-shirts.
2nd place – $500 package ($100 in cash and $350 in free product, 3 Chris Estes books and 3 T-shirts.
3rd place – $250 package ($100 in cash and $150 in free product, 1 Chris Estes book and a T-shirt.
4th place – $100 in free product, a Chris Estes book and a T-shirt
5th place – FREE SUMMIT TICKET, a Chris Estes book and a T-shirt

Rank Advancements

Chris Stinnett – Builder
Makis Denis – Builder


Who’s HOT in Team Victory!!!

Number of people sponsored last week!

Cindy Peden – 5
Gary Scott – 3
Chris Stinnett – 3
Becky Davidson – 2
Brad Fisher – 2
Barb Heitert – 2
Will Weaver – 2 (Diamond System)
Twila Baum – 2



Make sure to check out the Archives section for our playback number of our Sunday night team calls and make sure to take a look at the archived newsletters with testimonies!!

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When you reach Bronze and above, email with your Current Leadership Rank, Shirt Size, and Mailing Address!

John Morris – Triple Diamond Video