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Zija Team Victory is a group of independent distributors within Zija International that markets some of the best nutritional products in the world and products that are made from Moringa Olifera, which is the most nutrient rich plant on Earth. We are dedicated to helping customers achieve superior health and nutrition and to helping distributors help reach their goals and dreams financially.


Power on One

The Power of 1 is a powerful new Team Victory training strategy that can explode your business by duplicating this with your people.  When someone is sponsored that wants to work the business, find a way to help them get 1 person signed up (customer or distributor on any product or system) within the first 24 hours!When someone makes a commitment, the key is taking the first step toward achieving it while in “state”.  Everybody knows someone that will try it because they asked.  That’s the power of relationships and we know we have products that work!

This will get your new person confidence, help them see they can do this and the sponsor can do some minor training by walking them through their back office and the enrollment process.  All of this creates excitement, confidence and starts a team for their new person while generating a check!  There is a true power in just one person!


Team Victory Leadership Council

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Team Victory
One of the fastest growing teams in Zija International!!!

News and Information

Zija Team Victory
Elite Leadership Council

John Morris (502) 494-0287 : Simpsonville, KY
Will Weaver (270) 875-0122 : Madisonville, KY
Eddie Mozingo (540) 246-4901 : Harrisonburg, VA
Gary Scott (270) 836-4482 : Madisonville, KY
Brandon Cooper (502) 475-1751 : Louisville, KY
Monica Cooper (502) 541-0623 : Louisville, KY
Scott Taylor (317) 507-6233 : Indianapolis, IN
Mike Yates (404) 775-5554 : Douglasville, GA
Jordan Burge (270) 705-2389 : Mayfield, KY
Jason Whitacre (618) 203-9817 : Murphysboro, IL
Bobbie Whitacre (618) 203-0119 : Murphysboro, IL



Team Victory is getting ready to starts its own Inner Circle, which is for new and upcoming leaders on our team the rank of Bronze or above.  We have an Elite Leadership Council, but because we so many up and coming leaders that we would like to recognize, edify and reward we have decided to add another level of leadership. More details coming soon and the first Team Victory Inner Circle will be announced at the May 21 Life Unlimited Academy!



Zija has unveiled one of its biggest promotions ever with its new Bronze promo where they are giving people who qualify the opportunity to get an all expense paid trip to Salt Lake City, UT to tour the corporate offices, see the manufacturing and distribution facility along with meet with corporate leaders!

The first event is July 15-16 and to qualify, hit the new pin rank of Bronze in Period 97 or after for the first time.  Then hit it once in the next period to qualify!  After that, just hit at least Builder 1000 in the periods leading up to the trip.

This is an amazing incentive to help people see the vision and commitment Zija has in growing this brand to a billion dollar company!

Check out the details!




Congratulations to our recent rank announcements!!!

Cristina Chalk-Rizk – BRONZE
Megan Brown – Builder
Richard Chalk – Builder


Who’s Hot?

Jason & Bobbie Whitacre – Signed up 10 NEW PEOPLE THIS WEEK!!!!!
Sara Semenick – Signed up 2 new people!
Becky King – Signed up 2 new people!
Richard Chalk – Signed up 2 new people!
Gary Scott – Signed up 2 new people!
Cindy Peden – Signed up 2 new people!
Lori Howlett – Signed up 2 new people!


Upcoming Life Unlimited Academies- #1 Earner Chris Estes and Formulator Dr. Josh Plant

Saturday, April 30 – Ft. Wayne, IN

Friday, May 20 – Saturday, May 21 – Louisville, KY
*We will have our annual Team Victory leadership retreat on Friday from 12:00-5:00 PM with a Business Presentation at 7:00 PM.  Chris Estes will do a special Q & A for our team after the presentation.  The Life Unlimited Academy will be on Saturday from 9-5 PM.

**Leadership retreat qualifications – Our leadership retreat will take place as part of the Louisville, KY LUA and we will have it on Friday, May 20 from Noon-5:00 PM.   To qualify to attend, you must achieve the pay rank of BRONZE or above once during the previous two periods leading up to the event.


2016 Zija National Convention

Information is also at www.zijasummit.com.

Here’s some hotel room information for the Zija Summit convention in SLC, Utah September 21-24. This hotel is right across the street from the Salt Palace.

The best deal I could find is at the Radisson SLC downtown, 215 South Temple. Rooms with 2 queens or 1 king are only $125 a night with the Zija rate!

If you or your team does not already have a room out there, I would jump on this before they are sold out. Call at 801-531-7500, ask for reservations and for the Zija rate. The good news too is there is no prepayment required and you may cancel up until that day. I would consider getting a few rooms and if nobody on your team used them, they could be cancelled later.

The store and the corporate tours will start on Wednesday, but the general session will start on Thursday around lunch time from what I understand.

Some people may choose to come out on Wednesday while others may come early Thursday morning, depending on their schedule. The event will end on Saturday night around 10 PM MT.

Get with your people that are coming and make sure they have their flight, room and ticket taken care of. Promote this to your people on the fence too and work out whatever deal you can with them to get them there.

This is a MUST for people who are serious about this business!!



Make sure to check out the Archives section for our playback number of our Sunday night team calls and make sure to take a look at the archived newsletters with testimonies!!


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