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Zija Team Victory is a group of independent distributors within Zija International that markets some of the best nutritional products in the world and products that are made from Moringa Olifera, which is the most nutrient rich plant on Earth. We are dedicated to helping customers achieve superior health and nutrition and to helping distributors help reach their goals and dreams financially.

Team Victory Change a Life Challenges


Team Victory will have 2 upcoming New Year’s contests for 2017, one for new enrollments and one for weight loss. YOU MUST OPT INTO EACH CONTEST BY THE CUTOFF DATE TO PARTICIPATE!!!

#1 – Change A Life Go Pro Challenge – OPT IN BY 11:00 PM ET ON SUNDAY, DECEMBER 11. The contest is for anyone in Team Victory that is Active 150 and is from December 10January 8 and is for current distributors who sponsor the most new people in our weight loss challenge, commit to 50 exposures during the next 30 days, and are active on the Go Pro training calls and weekly challenges.

E-mail or message Will Weaver (270-875-0122 or willweaverownyourlife@yahoo.com) You will be added to our Facebook challenge page. At the end send the list of 50 to Will.
The top 5 distributors will receive reimbursement money for Zija’s Regional June 17-18 in Orlando, FL. Anyone who completes the challenge will get a special prize. Monies will be sent by ProPay to the winners after the regional and distributors who qualify must take the trip or lose promo money.

1st – $500
2nd – $400
3rd – $300
4th – $200
5th – $100

#2 – Change A Life Weight Loss Challenge – OPT IN BY 11:00 PM ET ON SUNDAY, JANUARY 8. The contest is for any current or new person in Team Victory and it will be decided on percentage of weight loss during the promotion time of January 1-February 11. E-mail or message Monica Cooper (502-541-0623 or monicacooper03@yahoo.com) your picture of your feet on the scales showing your current weight between December 28January 8 with ID#.

Current distributors may participate if they are active 150 and they must order 150 PV of new volume from their personal account during December 12January 8.

New people may participate by enrolling on a 150 PV or above system and take at least a 75 PV autoship the next period.

1st – $750 prepaid Visa card
2nd – $500 weekend getaway
3rd – $300 product (mix, protein, capsules, tea)
4th – $200 product (mix, capsules, tea)
5th – $100 product

**NOTE: Contest winners and decisions are determined by John Morris and all decisions are final. Ties in enrollment challenge will be broken by the highest total of PV.


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Team Victory Leadership Council

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Team Victory
One of the fastest growing teams in Zija International!!!

News and Information

Zija Team Victory
Elite Leadership Council

John Morris (502) 494-0287 : Simpsonville, KY
Will Weaver (270) 875-0122 : Madisonville, KY
Eddie Mozingo (540) 246-4901 : Harrisonburg, VA
Gary Scott (270) 836-4482 : Madisonville, KY
Brandon Cooper (502) 475-1751 : Louisville, KY
Monica Cooper (502) 541-0623 : Louisville, KY
Scott Taylor (317) 507-6233 : Indianapolis, IN
Jason Whitacre (618) 203-9817 : Murphysboro, IL
Bobbie Whitacre (618) 203-0119 : Murphysboro, IL
Christina Green (502) 599-1163 – Louisville, KY



The Natural Health Revolution is sweeping the world, changing lives, and shifting the way people think about what it means to live Life Unlimited. It’s time to celebrate those who are committed to living and sharing this revolution!

Enroll 5 new Zija Members with a 150+ PV NHR System and a 150+ PV Rewards Purchase (AutoShip) setup between September 24, 2016 and January 6, 2017. Receive a Natural Health Revolution Founder pin and certificate, and stay tuned for another big Revolution Founder Program announcement coming January 2017!

BONUS: Becoming a Natural Health Revolution Founder will also help you build points toward earning one of 50 spots on the Zija Revolution Cruise to the Bahamas, setting sail April 2017, and/or an upcoming Bronze Success Trip to Zija headquarters in Utah!


Help get your initial investment back For every 2 new Zija Members you enroll during the same Period with a 150+ PV NHR System and a 150+ PV Zija Rewards Purchase (AutoShip) setup, you’ll earn a $150 “Rev Bonus” in addition to your regular Fast Start Commissions! Both of these payouts combined allow you to recuperate some or all of your own initial Zija enrollment order investment. Earn as many Rev Bonuses as possible up to $1500 per Period by enrolling in sets of 2.


If you’re a Diamond or higher and a Natural Health Revolution Founder, you’ll earn 1 extra point each month in the Business Catalyst Pool, which pays out 5% of company pro ts monthly to quali ers, based on their share of the pool.



  • The Natural Health Revolution Founder Program is available to Active Zija Independent Distributors worldwide, although certain features including the availability of NHR kits may vary by market
  • Rev Bonus payouts are calculated at the end of each Period and paid with Cycle 4 commissions during Cycle 1 of the next Period.
  • Bonuses may be adjusted manually as needed, and a loss of points may occur for product returns or promotion abuse.
  • For complete rules and details about the Zija Revolution Cruise, Bronze Success Trip, Business Catalyst Pool, or Fast Start Commissions, refer to each individual’s full document in your Back Office Library.
  • This program, including rules, prizes and other factors, are subject to change at any time at Zija International’s sole discretion.



Sunshine. Sand. Turquoise waters. Panoramic ocean views. World-class dining and entertainment. Won’t you join us?


The Zija Revolution Cruise to the Bahamas is setting sail April 24 – 28, 2017, and all Zija Distributors are eligible to earn one of 50 cabins onboard Royal Caribbean’s Majesty of the Seas! Winners will receive:

  • 4 night cruise accommodations Orlando >> CocoCay, Bahamas >> Nassau, Bahamas >> Day at Sea >> Orlando
  • Food, gratuities, entertainment and activities onboard
  • 1 night hotel accommodations in Orlando before the cruise sets sail
  • Round-trip airport transfers between the airport, hotel and pier
  • Welcome and farewell receptions with an open bar and live music
  • Custom cruise SWAG


  • Earn points during Periods 106 – 111 (September 21, 2016 – March 3, 2017).
  • The top 50 qualified Distributors with the most points when the promotion ends will earn a cabin for two, as well as hotel accommodations the night before the cruise sets sail.
  • A minimum of 50 points are required to qualify and be on the leaderboard—a running list of the top 50 qualifiers at any given moment.
  • The qualifier with the highest number of points will receive a suite, qualifiers 2-40 will receive an ocean view cabin, and qualifiers 41 – 50 will receive an inside cabin.


1) Achieve the following Pin Rank(s) for the rst time to earn their accompanying points:

  • Builder 500 – Builder 1000 = 5 points
  • Bronze – Gold = 10 points
  • White Gold – Emerald = 30 points
  • Diamond – Triple Diamond = 50 points
  • Black Diamond and above = 100 points

2) Personally enroll new Zija Members, earning points based on their enrollment order:

  • 150 – 249 PV = 1 point per Enrollee
  • 250 – 499 PV = 2 points per Enrollee
  • 500 – 999 PV = 4 points per Enrollee
  • 1000+ PV = 8 points per Enrollee

BONUS: if a new Enrollee’s enrollment order is an NHR Kit, enrollment points are doubled:

  • 150 PV NHR Basic System = 2 points per Enrollee
  • 250 PV NHR Enhanced System = 4 points per Enrollee
  • 500 PV NHR Gold System = 8 points per Enrollee
  • 1000 PV NHR Diamond System = 16 points per Enrollee

3) Earn 1 point each time a new member personally enrolled during this promotion has a Zija Rewards Purchase (AutoShip) of 75+ PV that successfully runs during the promotion.



  • This promotion is open to Active Zija Independent Distributors worldwide, although certain features including the availability of NHR kits may vary by market.
  • Prize does not include all trip costs such as airfare, excursions, alcoholic beverages, specialty dining, some meals, gambling, spa services, dry cleaning, etc.
  • A Distributor’s ranking on the top 50 leaderboard can change at any time during the promotion and depends on his/her performance as well as the performance of other Distributors.
  • Any Distributor who qualifies for the cruise must be Active and in good standing at the end of this promotion in order to receive the prizes.
  • Points may be adjusted manually as needed, and a loss of points may occur for product returns or promotion abuse.
  • Having excessive points does not qualify any participant to receive more than one cabin; partial points cannot be transferred or sold to another Distributor.
  • If a Distributor becomes Inactive during any Period during this promotion, any points earned will be lost and he/she will have to begin again at zero points.
  • This promotion, including its rules, ways to earn points, and prizes are subject to change at any time at Zija International’s sole discretion.


Jerry & Elizabeth Coriano – Builder 500


Brad & Jeanette Fisher – Bronze Executives – Lynn, IN
Jennifer & Todd Vaughn – Bronze Executives – Louisville, KY
Cindy Peden – Gold Executive – Franklin. TN
Brandon & Monica Cooper – Diamond Executives – Louisville, KY
Will Weaver – Triple Diamond Executive – Lexington, KY
Mark Moffett – Builder 500 – Thornton, CO
Deniece & Jeff Krebs – Bronze Executives – Fisherville, KY
Gary Scott – Platinum Executive (Team Benz) – Madisonville, KY
Christina & Sean Green – White Gold Executive (Team Benz) – Louisville, KY
Paul Cobb – Silver Executive – Louisville, KY
Rhonda Cupp – Silver Executive – Louisville, KY
Jason & Bobbie Whitacre – Gold Executive (Team Benz) – Murphysboro, IL
John Morris – Black Diamond Executive (Team Benz) – Simpsonville, KY
Dee Hutchins – Double Black Diamond (Team Benz) – Hodgenville, KY


Who’s Hot?

Eddie Mozingo – Signed up 3 new people!
Robert Spurgeon – Signed up 3 new people!
Rachael Clark – Signed up 2 new people!
Stephanie Cash – Signed up 2 new people!
Rhonda Cupp – Signed up 2 new people!
Karen Dailey – Signed up 2 new people!
Michelle & Mark Hurt – Signed up 2 new people!
Hector & Stephanie Martinez – Signed up 2 new people!
Sean & Holly Matteo – Signed up 2 new people!
Cindy Peden – Signed up 2 new people!
Jeff Vincent – Signed up 2 new people!


Upcoming Zija Events


Click Here for Events Calendar


Zija Regionals

Zija will have a HUGE regional event in Orlando, FL June 16-17, 2017!

This is a corporate event with over 1000+ expected and there will be new products introduced!  Cost is only $40 and you can register at www.zijaevents.com.

Put this on your calendar now as it’s a 9:00 AM-5:00 PM event on both Friday and Saturday that weekend!  There will be a leadership and founders dinner at the event as well.

We will have our annual Team Victory Leadership retreat at this event with details announced later.

Make plans to be there!!!


2017 Zija Summit

Thursday, October 26 – Saturday, October 28 – ZIJA SUMMIT 2017 CONVENTION!



Make sure to check out the Archives section for our playback number of our Sunday night team calls and make sure to take a look at the archived newsletters with testimonies!!

What it Takes to Win in Network Marketing – John Morris



Get a FREE Team Victory Rank Advancement Shirt!


When you reach Bronze and above, email johnmorristeamvictory@gmail.com with your Current Leadership Rank, Shirt Size, and Mailing Address!

John Morris – Triple Diamond Video