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John Morris – Team Victory Founder

Double Black Diamond – Simpsonville, KY
$2,000,000+ Zija Money Earner
2016 Financial & Time Freedom Crystal Award Winner
Zija Diamond Club Member
2012 Zija Rising Star Award
2012 ZIP (Zija Incentive Points) Leader in Zija International
Only Zija International distributor to rank advance from Emerald to Triple Diamond in 2012
Team Elite ELC Member
Elite Network ELC Member
Team Victory Founder

Reaching the rank of Double Black Diamond has been an incredible ride and I have thoroughly enjoyed building my business over the past nine years with Zija. I have an incredible team and I have been able to meet some tremendous people along the way. I’m more excited today than ever about what the future holds for all of us who are involved with Zija and I look forward to sharing this opportunity each and every day.

I am a former high school teacher/coach/administrator in Louisville, Kentucky, and I have always been very busy. I worked this business part-time for 5 1/2 years and was able to build a 7-figure part-time income, which enabled me to resign from my position this past summer thanks to the opportunity Zija has given our family and be able to enjoy both financial and time freedom. I live in Simpsonville, Kentucky, with my wife Tina and three kids, Brooke (14), Brady (12) and Breanna (8).

My sponsor is Double Black Diamond Dee Hutchins and he introduced me to Zija back when he started in 2009. Dee actually brought Zija to Kentucky and #1 U.S. Earner Chris Estes joined, but Dee didn’t. Dee then signed up under Chris as a customer and later decided to work the business. He contacted me a few times, but I wasn’t interested because he wasn’t making anything and I told him my GNC products were just fine. About a year later, he was earning a substantial income and I had to find out more. After doing my research, I met with Dee and Chris, loved what I heard and I got started on November 23, 2010.

It hasn’t been easy and it still isn’t easy, but it sure has been worth it. I’ve had many ups and downs, many people quit, many disappointments along the way and adversity just like everyone else. However, I decided to not let the excuses outweigh my reasons for making this business work. I just decided to take my current everyday schedule and talk to people as I would come into contact with them in addition to reaching out to my other family and friends. From day one, I decided I wanted to make this work in a big way and in order to do that, I had to treat it like a business, which is crucial to success in any type of business.

My goal each day is to make my business a better one today than it was yesterday and I’ve done something every day related to this business to keep growing and building no matter how busy I was. It’s like compound interest because if you keep compounding your efforts over and over and over again, you will eventually see some nice returns.

What makes this company work so well is its products. Our goal in our organization is to lead with the product and get people to try it and do their own research. We feel everyone should be on the product and we share testimonies and results with those around us and after people take the product, we feel they will want to stay on it. That, in turn, will lead to distributors that will stick and stay in this business which builds the residual income.

We are at the right place at the right time with Jeremy Redd, our President & CEO. I am excited to take part in then vision and direction he is taking our company in, and all the positive changes that I know will create some great momentum over the next few years.

It’s up to us to do something if we want to change our financial situation. Our team tries to work daily and consistently to grow our business and share the Zija story with those we come into contact with and help them make a difference in their lives. It’s awesome to be associated with positive, goal-oriented people who have a vision and that want more. I would like to thank Dee and Chris again for their incredible support, encouragement, training and motivation and Chris for creating the simple system that we were able to use. The future is bright and my hopes are up! See you at the top